Who am I?


I am Shoshana Fein, woodworker, carpenter, and an overall handy sort of person.

A Little About Myself

I own and operate a woodshop in Sebastopol, CA, where I enjoy taking on all kinds of projects. If it’s made of wood, I can probably make it!

I’ve done kitchen remodels, additions, and alterations. I’ve made furniture, beds, and shelving. I’ve tackled barn doors, storage chests, and even fine artwork such as intarsia and wood inlays. I have recently acquired a lathe so I look forward to exploring the world of woodturning as well.

If you have a project in mind, contact me and we can come up with a plan!


Born Carpenter

Shoshi at 10 years old.

Having grown up in a house built on the bank of the Russian River, I am no stranger to construction. For four straight years, from ages 8 to 12, my childhood home under went some significant changes. The house was raised 8 feet and every room had a face lift. This experience kick-started my passion for building.  For several years I worked as a carpenter in general construction as well as doing some small scale jobs on my own.  I have worked under houses hammering nails and I have worked up on ladders installing crown molding.
I was introduced to the art of woodworking during my time at college. I learned the basics of working with wood and sundry other materials at The Sawdust Shop in Santa Clara, CA. There I had the great pleasure of being surrounded by creativity and experience, from which I was able to hone my own style of wooden art.
I have been in and around the trades for 12 years, learning every skill I could get my hands on. In that time I learned that my passion is to create functional works of art.  My pursuits in this arena have introduced me to a variety of talented people, each sharing with me their own unique gifts.   It has been, and continues to be, an amazing learning experience. Everyday reaffirms my decision to pursue this career.